Photographic works by Yoram Peres

Clones / 2010, is a series of unique photographs of the landscape of the Negev Desert in Israel. These “clones” are a result of photographing plants, sand, and rocks as they are found in nature and then processing them through the use of the computer. The original images are duplicated and brought together like Siamese twins; in the magic of their genesis, they reveal a new form of life, a perfect “cloned creature”. The memory of the plant is still found in the image, but it has been transmuted into a new form, with it’s own energy.

These works have two main mimetic powers: photography, which makes it possible to collect and document fragments of reality, and the computer, which makes it possible to edit and compose these new images. The artist is the one who sees, controls, and conducts this act of creation.

The series Clones reflects on the amazing wonder of genesis and the marvelous processes in nature. The mathematical symmetry in these works is a reminder of the immense primal power of nature and it’s drive to reproduce, beginning with the chromosomes and the division of a single cell.

Yoram Peres
Arad, Israel


Yoram Peres was born in the main city in the Negev Desert, Beer-Sheva, Israel in 1957. He has a B.A. in Philosophy and Geography and a M.A. in Education. He is also educated in fine-art photography and media studies and works many years as a freelance professional photographer specializing in commercial and art reproduction photography. In addition to his freelance work he teaches art photography and new media in a Collage art department. Yoram exhibits his work regularly in Israel; this is his first exhibition in Amsterdam.

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